We Provide Free Secure Data Erasing

WeeeCharity offer a free and secure data destruction service for any data holding equipment and/or devices.

These include;

  • Hard disk drives (SSD included)

  • USB/ flash storage

  • Mobile phones/tablets

  • On board storage

  • Network routers/switches

A great number of our customers and clients face concerns when they choose to recycle their old equipment, with regards to their personal and/or sensitive data, that their equipment holds.

Identity fraud is becoming more and more of an issue with our advancement in technology and it is vital that business and organisations ensure that there are systems in place to eradicate personal data when replacing old equipment

Failure to data erase equipment correctly and securely can have serious ramifications, and companies can face prosecution and heavy fines under the Data Protection Act 1998

WeeeCharity can implement this data destruction service to your business or personal equipment free of charge. WeeeCharity’s process of data destruction provides full documentation and is fully compliant with the WEEE Directive.

How does WeeeCharity data destruct?

There is a better and safer way to erase data from your equipment rather than physically destroying it.

WeeeCharity conform to Government Standards (see list right), using a Government approved program that completely erases the hard drive and restores it back to factory settings, completely destroying the information, but ensures that the drive can be fully reused/recycled to eliminate wastage. This process is both financially and environmentally beneficial to everyone,

WeeeCharity can provide;

  • Full 3 tier data erasing to Government Standards

  • A certificate of destruction, showing the serial number of the device and the machine it was removed from. One certificate per item

  • Removal of your hard drives/equipment on site, if required.

What happens if data destruction fails?

Unfortunately, sometimes this can happen, usually due to the item already having a mechanical failure.

In this instance, the items can be shredded in to small shards. These shards are then sent to a separation and smelting facility, allowing for the precious metals and other valuable materials to be reclaimed and reused, and helps keep toxins out of the local water supplies and landfills.

What are the benefits of secure data destruction?

Peace of mind

Our services are to Government Standards, giving you complete peace of mind that your data is destroyed

Cost effective

Our services are free of charge, keeping change in your pocket.


WeeeCharity destruction services fully comply with all relevant legislation, including The WEEE Directive and the Data Protection Act 1998

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